Mum interrupts son as he proposes to girlfriend and tells him not to do it

Dan took to TikTok to share a clip of himself just before he was about to propose to his girlfriend, only for his mum to be heard shouting, “no, no. no!”

We’ve all heard stories about interfering mother-in-laws pulling the strings from behind the scenes of their sons relationships – but surely none of them would have the gall to stop their son from getting down on one knee mid-proposal?!

Well, apparently some will. In fact, one man managed to capture the moment he was about to propose to his then-girlfriend, when his mum stepped in and quite literally told him no.

Dan, who goes by the name Cat Dad Dan on TikTok, shared a clip – filmed by his dad – of him preparing to get down on one knee before his then-girlfriend, who was stood on a wall in eager anticipation.

But, just as Dan reached into his pocket and prepared himself to get on the floor, his mum can be heard shouting, “no, no, no!”

So, what does he do? He walks away.

“My dad didn’t know what to do so he just kept recording,” he wrote alongside the clip. Yep, it doesn’t get more awkward than that.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, many people rushed to the comments section to the suggest the woman had been given a “lucky escape,” with one questioning: “Who wants to marry someone who lets their mum pick out their wife?”

Another added: “Lucky girl. She dodged a controlling mother-in-law and a husband with no backbone.”

However, when someone asked Dan if he’s “just going to let his momma decide who he’s going to be with,” he responded: “My mama said she knows what’s best for me. if anyone tells me different, they’re the devil.”

In a follow up video, Dan filmed himself showing his mother the comments from the viral TikTok and she responds by laughing, which kinda’ suggests he wasn’t telling us the full truth. He later confirmed that he and his girlfriend did actually get engaged after all.

We do love a happy ending.