Woman left baffled by boyfriend’s ‘insane’ policy on giving birthday gifts

A woman was urged to dump her boyfriend immediately, after revealing his unusual policy on giving gifts to each other, after he recently celebrated turning 21-years-old

Gift-giving shouldn’t be a social minefield.

But according to one man, it is – and his poor girlfriend was baffled by his admission after she thoughtfully chose some lovely presents for his 21st birthday.

The woman was left so baffled that she took to Reddit – to ask if she’d done something wrong. Spoiler alert: she hadn’t.

After handing over his gifts, the man started ignoring her – before eventually accusing her of being “manipulative.”

Her crime? The fact she bought him gifts. That’s it.

She explained: “My boyfriend turned 21 last week and I bought him a new video game he had been wanting and a t-shirt.

“He started ignoring me and leaving me on read after that.

“I asked him what was wrong and he finally said it was unfair that I got him birthday presents because now he’s going to have to get me something for my birthday and that I am being manipulative.

“I told him no you don’t have to get me anything for my birthday but I’d like to spend some time with you that day but he said that it was a “d*** move” that I got him gifts. He says I was trying to make him feel obligated.

“I told him it is the thought that counts and that he doesn’t have to get me anything but that if he does, I’d be happy with just a card but he keeps saying he is unsure he can deal with a materialistic girlfriend.”

Unsurprisingly, the advice was short and sweet – as one Redditor wrote: “Run.”

Another added: “Either he’s trying to manipulate you in this case, or he actually believes what’s he’s spewing and is incapable of receiving some sort of kindness without assuming there are strings attached.”

“My instinct is that he’s going to use this to justify dumping her, now that he’s gotten an expensive present from her,” guessed one person.

“He’s abusive and whether this is because he has suffered from abuse in his past or not, it is not your job to fix him,” advised another.

“This is a very serious warning sign. No one should be upset to get a gift and automatically think it is manipulative. My advice? Run fast and far before it’s too late (and return the gifts if you can),” wrote a fellow Redditor.