Mum accuses new tenants in her old flat of stealing missing £200 clothes parcel

People have been left divided after a mum questioned whether she should call the police on the old tenants living in her daughter’s old flat, after a £200 parcel went mising

A mum has accused the tenants living in her daughter’s old flat of “daylight robbery” after £200 worth of parcels, containing clothes and baby items, went missing.

Taking to Mumsnet, the furious mum explained that her daughter had accidentally forgotten to update her delivery address, when ordering the items from Next online – as you do.

Days later, she received an email from the courier saying the parcel had been delivered, alongside a photo of man’s legs stood in the doorway of her old apartment, as he appeared to collect the parcel.

“She asked her upstairs neighbour to pop down and get the parcels and hang on to them until I can get round there, but the new tenants have point blank said they’ve not had any parcels delivered,” the mum explained.

“I’m going round there tomorrow morning to show them the picture of them receiving them and seeing what they have to say about that.”

Clearly anxious about any potential confrontation over the parcel, the woman went on to ask for advice over whether she could contact the authorities if the tenants still claim they did not receive the parcel.

“If they still refuse, which is daylight robbery, would the police take any notice at all?” she asked, adding, “I’m also a bit nervous as I’m a short and small woman and easily intimidated. What would you do?”

The mum was met with mixed responses, with many pointing out that the error was made by her daughter, and therefore there might not be an awful lot she can do about it.

“Then she needs to chalk it up to experience and remember not to do it again. We’ve all done it. It sucks,” one person suggested, while another agreed: “Why would the police be interested when she put the wrong address on there?”

A third added: “She put the wrong address on, the courier did their job correctly. The neighbour will probably say they don’t have it and a friend was visiting so they must have taken it. Leave it to your daughter to go round it’s her error don’t get involved.”

However, others pointed out that knowingly taking a package which doesn’t belong to you could amount to theft – especially if they go on to open the parcel.

One wrote: “Isn’t it illegal to open and keep a parcel not directed to you, which you didn’t order? Isn’t it still theft?

“Jeez, there’s some cold people on here! She put the wrong address by mistake, that doesn’t entitle them to steal the parcels,” another agreed.