Woman shares what false teeth look like in nightclub as material reacts to light

The woman was shocked to learn what happened to false teeth in UV light, such as in nightclubs, and shared the video so others out there who have lost a few would know

A woman has shared the horrifying truth of what happens to false teeth in UV light, such as in nightclubs – and it’s a shocker.

TikTok star Emma, 23, saw a video about a woman with false teeth and when she shined an ultraviolet light on her smile some of her teeth shone, and some didn’t.

That’s because the material used in false teeth reacts differently and they appear much darker than real ones, so the teeth that have been replaced will still leave a gap in your smile.

This means that in a nightclub if you’ve had a front tooth replaced when you smile at someone they will definitely be able to tell – as Emma demonstrates in this horrifying video.

Emma uploaded the video with the description: “I was so shook y’all I’m literally going to cry.”

In the video, she said: “This can’t be true, it can’t be that bad. Either mine aren’t that bad or all my friends are liars, so ok let’s check.”

Then, she shines a UV light on her teeth, and sure enough, there’s a dark gap where her two front teeth are, making it appear as if they are missing from her smile.

She said: “Uhm I’ve lost my will to live completely. Oh my God!”

Uploaded on July 2, the video has been viewed over 10 million times, had over a million likes, and nearly six thousand comments of support.

One user, named Kiley, said: “The first time I went to a black light party I had no idea this would happen.”

While a second, named Madeline Blake, said: “I have two fakes – how has no one warned me?”

And another added: “Ok, but bear in mind that in a club the lights are constantly moving and normally you aren’t standing still. It’s probably barely noticeable.”