My sisters inherited nothing as grandma hated their tattoos – so I got it all’

A woman said that her sisters were cut out of their inheritance because their grandmother hated tattoos – and initially they had all planned to get tattoos in protest

A woman said she became the sole female heir of her grandmother’s estate and now there’s a divide between her and her three sisters.

Sharing the story anonymously, the woman said that her grandmother hated tattoos so cut her eldest sister out of her will – so the remaining three women decided to get tattoos in protest.

But then the woman changed her mind and backed out at the last minute, making her the only sister without a tattoo, and when her grandmother passed away she became the sole female heir.

Now the three tattooed sisters are angry at the woman and are demanding that she shares the inheritance with them – but so far she’s only agreed to give them some of it.

Sharing her side of things on Reddit, the woman wrote: “My grandma is super against tattoos. She says they don’t look good on women – my two brothers have tattoos, though, and that’s fine with her.

“When she found out my oldest sister – there’s four of us – had a tattoo she took my sister out of her will.

“My other sisters and I made plans for the three of us to get tattoos in solidarity with our sister. I said I was going to do it, but then I realised how dumb that was and decided not to do it.

“They went through with it, though, and they were mad at me when they find out I didn’t do it.

“My grandma took them off her will and when she died, my two brothers and I inherited all her money and estates. My brothers and I gave our sisters a little bit of it, but they want us to split it equally.

“My sisters have been pressuring me especially because I had said I was going to do that tattoo plan with them and then didn’t do it.”

After the post was uploaded on Reddit, other users were quick to side with the three sisters – saying the woman was in the wrong.

One user said: “You were right about it being a stupid reason to do it. Especially if it meant your brothers got all the money, and your grandma is ridiculous.

“But they were mad at you when they found out you didn’t do it? So you promised, they went and got it done, and you didn’t?

“No, ‘hey, I thought about it, and I really don’t want a tattoo. Maybe we can make some agreement to share some of the money with sister’.

“You knew they’d be disinherited and you’d get significantly more money. You shouldn’t be guilted or coerced into getting a tattoo that you aren’t 100 per cent sure about.

“But this was about the money to you. If it weren’t, you could have just told your grandma to disinherit you.”

And a second user agreed, saying: “You took advantage of your grandma’s batshit views on women to steal inheritance from your siblings.”

“This is not a ‘your body your choice’ issue”, wrote a third. “Of course if you don’t want to get a tattoo, you don’t have to.

“I don’t care how grandma decided to split up the money, she did so for stupid sexist reasons, and by not splitting up that money evenly with your siblings, you’re implicitly telling everyone that you agree with your grandma’s stupid, sexist reasons.”