My brother refused to let me be in his wedding photos because of my outfit’

A woman took to Reddit to ask users whether she was in the wrong for ignoring the strict colour scheme her brother and his wife had decided on for their big day

There are certain rules to follow when attending a wedding – don’t be late, don’t forget to RSVP and don’t upstage the bride and groom.

But one woman decided to ignore the etiquette when it came to her brother’s wedding.

The 18-year-old woman explained that her brother and his bride-to-be had asked their guests to wear fuschia and sky blue on their big day as they thought it would be “fun” to have a colour-coordinated wedding – but she wasn’t a fan.

In a lengthy Reddit post, she said: “I (18F) have an older brother (26M) who got married this past weekend. He and his bride (25F) had a relatively small outdoor wedding, less than 100 guests.

“For whatever reason, they put on the invites that they wanted the guests to wear certain colours. The invites said the acceptable colours were fuschia and sky blue. I asked my brother about it and he said it was just something he and his fiance wanted and thought it would be fun to have a colour-coordinated wedding.”

But the problem is, she only wears black and white.

“Like, I literally do not own any clothing that is not black, white or a combination of the two,” she continued.

When she told her brother this he said she had plenty of time to find something that will fit the colour scheme.

After complaining to her parents about it, her mum offered to take her shopping to find something to wear, as she told her “wearing something a different colour for a few hours is not going to kill me.”

“When we went shopping I hated everything she made me try on and she ended up just buying a couple things in the two colours and brought them home.

“The morning of the wedding I refused to put either thing on. I had brought my favourite black dress that was more than nice enough for any wedding and decided to wear that instead. Both my mum and dad told me to put on something else, but I refused and eventually my parents just dropped it and told me they didn’t want to fight about it anymore.

“We arrived at the venue early for pictures and my mum ran off right away to find my brother. I assume to warn him that I didn’t adhere to his colour scheme. So when we were doing family pictures, my brother made a point to tell me that I would not be involved in any of the larger group shots with the wedding party and the rest of our family.

“He told me that he’s fine with me being in pictures with just our family, but that I would stand out too much in all of the other group shots because I was literally the only person who didn’t wear their preferred colours.

“I knew this was probably his bride making the decision and I called my brother out on it. He told me it was his wedding day and he wasn’t going to fight with me about it and that this was just the way it is. He told me he was disappointed that I couldn’t do one little thing for him on his wedding day and I told him he was an a**hole for making people dress a certain way even if they don’t want to.

“I got a lot of weird looks from people during the ceremony and reception and my brother and his wife pretty much avoided me completely the entire time. Even my parents kept their distance from me. I really don’t think I did anything wrong because my brother’s request was stupid from the beginning.”

Her post racked up more than 6,800 upvotes and almost 3,000 comments from users who slammed her behaviour.

One person said: “It’s a dress. Wearing pink for a few hours isn’t going to melt your skin off. You knew that it was a simple request and you still dug in your heels and decided to be a brat because you apparently think the whole world revolves around you.

“It would be embarrassing enough for you to act like that at 16, but you’re pulling this as a legal adult? Yikes.”

Another wrote: “Looking stupid for an hour isn’t a big ask on your brother’s big day.”

While a third said: “I feel so sad for your brother — for your family, in general. To have a sister or daughter who can’t think about someone other than herself long enough to just put on a garment — that was already purchased and ready for you — to show love and support for someone’s milestone event.

“You must not love or care for your brother very much. It was such a simple, small thing to do to show support, and you couldn’t even try.”